My Interests

App Developments

I love app development. They are not only benifit the end users but also are help developer improve their skills.

I have developed 2 apps. One is Windows8 app, which has already been published in Windows Store.

And the other one is a Microsoft Office app.

Life At UVCE

Life At UVCE

It is an informative application about UVCE, Bangalore.This app gives a brief description of the courses offered at UVCE, and the study culture at the college.It also gives notifications about the currents happening in the college.

The link to download this app:

Geo Data

This is an Task pane app for Microsoft Office 2013( Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

This app uses Yahoo API to get the Geo data (latitude, longitude, town and country) of the place entered in the app.

This app does not require any kind of User Authentication and does not store any user data.







It is my best past time.I participate in many of the online coding contests like CodeChef, Hacker Rank etc.


Recently I had been selected to the second round of southern region ACM-ICPC Amritha Puri which was a held in Amritha Puri on 16th to 20th Dec 2013.


My IEEE Xtream result is:

Team name : Morpheus


Region Rank:505

Country Rank:249

University Rank:5


I have also won few of the college level coding contest,NCode 2013,CodeSpace 2013.




Smart Travel Billing

I love spending my time think about the solutions to the problems of our society. Those ideas which impack the common man in day to day life.

To solve the transport problem in our city,  I have proposed an idea and have submitted it to IEEE Smater Planet Challenge.

Here is the video of my proposal.

Our proposal for smarter transport service embraces mobile technology whole heartedly and seamlessly integrates with the present transport system. It is unlike any other transport payment services (like IRCTC, etc.), as the passenger does not have to pre-book his travel.

Read more about how the project works -

Research Interests

I have always been research oriented.But I got the real taste of Aceademic Research once I joined my college.

As of now I am very much interested in 2 fields Cloud Computing and Airtifical Intellegence.Our college provides a lot of oppurtunites for research. There is a Cloud Computing group in the college which dedicatedly works on the security and implementation of new products on Cloud Services.

I have undertaken a project under Prof. Venugopal K R based on Cloud Computing and Virtualization.


Our project aims to establish private cloud in our college, and through this we will provide PaaS(Platform as a Service) and AaaS (Application as a Service) offerings to all the students and faculty of our college. Further on, we will provide storage space for each student and maintain their academic records on the cloud. The final product of our project will allow students and faculty to have their software’s and data on the cloud and assess it from anywhere within the campus.


Other Interests

I love sports, it keeps me fit and healthy. I usually play Cricket, Football.

I am also an outdoorsy guy, during my vacations I go for hiking and treking.

I have also been awarded Rajya Puraskar in Scouts. 

In my spare time I play guitar.