SAP TECHED was held on 11-13 Dec. 2013 in Bangalore. Over 5000 IT architects , Administrators and Developere had attended this event. It was an educational conference offering over 500 hours of training on SAP technology for in-memory computing,enterprise mobility,analytics,database and the cloud.Hand-on workshops,demo-drive lectures and Q&A sessions on latest developments in SAP HANA ,SAP NetWeaver, SAP BusinessObject Business Intelligence,Sybase Offering were also provided.It was a wonderdul expirence for me. It gave me a chance to interact with the professional community of SAP.

This was one of the rare and wonderful opportunity that came my way, Me and my team had a lunch date with SAP Lumira's core development team. We shared our expirences with the software, underlining its effectiveness also giving our feedback on the software. We also dissucssed the ways to take this software to a wider audience, take it to universities and colleges, get more and more students to play around with this worderful software.

SAP Lumira University Challenege was a visualization challenage based on SAP's very own product "Lumira". It was 1 day hackathone on Lumira which was conducted on 9th Dec 2013 in SAP Labs Bangalore. It was not only about creating beautiful and colourful visualization, it also tested our presentation, creative skills. Based on the about skills we were awarded 1st Prize for our visualization which depicted the growth on India over last 5 decades.It was a learning curve for me, I got to share the stage with some creative and skilled students at SAP.

This was at opening of first HUAWEI Club in Bangalore on 20th July 2013. It was also a product launch of their two flagship phones "Ascend Mate" and "Ascend P2". The place was filled with UI designer,Mobile developers, Entrepreneurs and Enthusiastic Students.This event provided a platform to interact with the development team of emotional UI, a innovative product putforth by HUAWEI.

This was the inaugration of TechCrunch India which was held at HardRock,Bangalore Cafe on 12th Feb 2013.It was a great opportunity to interact with people from different walks of the life. It was a good interactive session with the startup community of Bangalore.I met few interesting people with very innovative ideas. And finally met Mike Butcher TechCrunch's journalist for Europe and Asia.